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Constellation work provides a powerful means of exploring complicated issues experienced in family, relationship, work, social, finances, spiritual and existential arena’s. By setting up a working visible map using representatives for family members or abstract elements, hidden entanglements, identifications and exclusions rooted in family systems come to light. Alignment of such hidden forces can bring about transformation in an individual’s circumstances creating relaxation and often powerful resolutions which impact the whole system. Family constellations are based on a therapeutic philosophy originated by Bert Hellinger and are shaped by his unique understanding and offering of “the orders of love.”

Blockages in one's life can be the result of a disruption in the flow of life and love in one's family system and can often occur due to blind loyalties that as children we took on and as adults we are unaware of. Blind loyalties are our way of helping and restoring balance in our families by taken on and carrying burdens or issues which are not ours. For e.g a child out of love for his/her mother may try to look after her if he/she senses on some level his/her mother's pain. The result of this can be what is called parentification which means the roles of mother and child are reversed causing an imbalance in the family system. As adults the blind love or blind loyalty is forgotten but the disruption is still apparent causing an inability of the child now an adult to fully flourish into her/his own life. Family constellations can bring light to such loyalties and in doing so can relieve the family system of such disruptions bringing peace and resolution to the system.

To experience this methodology is to experience deep sensations, movements and perspectives within, which can be invaluable and a new world is opened to you. You will see and feel the huge importance of generations and your ancestors in a way you may not have previously acknowledged.

It is a beautiful and intense methodology and it can be used to understand deep and often insurmountable difficulties an individual or family is experiencing. It may be used to discover, explore and understand complexities on many levels by providing material for further exploration, meditation, growth and release. It has been said Family Constellations offer life transforming experiences, deep meditative possibilities and true life enhancing opportunities.

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