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Meditation Download #01

Honouring Your Ancestral Roots

Hello fellow Human Specimen’s welcome to Honouring your Ancestral Roots, which is available at Amazon. I wanted to introduce my most recent Guided Meditation CD (also available on MP3) which is a great accompaniment to self understanding, growth and individual therapeutic sessions and of course my group workshops: Dynamic Meditations and Family Constellations for more information please see Workshop Schedules.

It’s bigger than us… What is? Well “Life” of course… It was here before we were and guess what… It will be here after us… So I figure being in tune with it and in its alignment can be one exciting ride!! As many say what we have already experienced is our past and what we are yet to experience is a bit of mystery… So all we have is the here and now, the gift… It’s therefore not a surprise that it’s called the “present.”

Aligning ourselves with Life’s flow can bring vitality, well-being and enhance growth and evolution. Wow what a journey to be on!! We are all the same at our very core and essence, yet we are all so very unique having experiences and sensations, which are totally original to us.
In order to grab the full intensity of our beings we need to flow with life: what makes us so uniquely us, where we come from, what was before us and beyond... I hope therefore this CD inspired by The Orders of Love originated by Bert Hellinger and the flow of life and it’s attunement inspired by Judith Hemming, CSC training, Svagito and Osho will be a good starting point for you to find a sense of fulfilment and peace and create a platform to spring into our full potential: Love, Happiness, Joy and Celebration. Music by Tom Rankin... Happy journey’s to us all.. Love and blessings Abigail… Enjoy

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