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Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling in Harley Street, Wimpole St, Little Venice, Paddington Central London, Newcastle and Greece.


I offer Psychotherapy, Counselling, CBT, Bodywork, Breathwork, Pulsation, EMDR and Family Constellations from Harley Street and CCPE Paddington/Maida Vale, West and Central London, Harley St and Wimpole St, Newcastle and SKYPE for Individuals, Couples and Groups. Facebook Potential Charisma Ltd

To arrange an appointment all appointments are ONLINE or if you require further information please contact me on 07961 963610 or to send me an e-mail Click Here.

I run Workshops and Retreats in London, Newcastle, Scotland and Europe. I offer bespoke team events for groups, organisations, companies and charities. I also facilitate rebounding/trampoline therapeutic sessions which engage the nervous system, flight, fight, freeze mechanism's and so address activation and collapse in the nervous system (anxiety and depression). The Ferrari of all Rebounder's can be found here: Bellicon: Please get in touch for further information and therapeutic possibilities using the rebounder.

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If it's an intensive life transforming retreat you are looking for in the UK, Europe and/or International take a look at Path Retreat. We offer many introductory day events, weekend events and the signature 7 day intensive residential Path of love retreat. We learn how to be human in the bodies we arrived in and occupy today. Times are currently challenging and learning who we are and where we are going while embracing both the dark sides and light sides of our being is truly life transforming. Give yourself an internal and external cleanse Path Retreat.


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I was born in the North East of England (Newcastle) where I stayed until my late teens. My passion and interest always lay with the complexity of human nature, that is, what makes us tick, what makes us perceive the way we do, make choices in the way we do, feel, think and behave in the way we do. And so it began my journey into the psychotherapeutic transformative world.


Having finished my ‘A’ levels in Psychology, Sociology, Statistics and Art I left England and went to live in Greece in order to explore another culture. Whilst there I did a 4 year BSc in Psychology before returning to do a 5 year MA in Psychotherapy and Counselling at the Centre of Counselling and Psychotherapy Education CCPE.

I am accredited by UKCP (United Kingdom Counselling and Psychotherapy) and registered with the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). As well as being a Transpersonal and Integrative Psychotherapist (For further information on the different types of Psychotherapy and Counselling please go to: About Psychotherapy and Counselling) I am also a Family Constellation practitioner, Body and breath work practitioner, Reichian body types apprentice, Path of Love facilitator, Enneagram and Essence student, an NLP, EMDR and IEMT practitioner, Theta Healer, Time-Line therapist with a Diploma in Reiki, Hypnotherapy and Personal Advising.

I am a Clinical Supervisor and supervise other therapists individually and in groups. I am Psychometric Level A & B qualified, a Consultant and Trainer, and Trauma practitioner. I run bespoke workshops for groups on a diverse range of topics related to personal development, transformation, essence and the True self.


Initially, I began in the model/fashion world where I was thrown into many different scenarios. In this field I came across numerous aspects of human nature including Competition: the drive and need to be the best and always reach the top, Jealousy: fear, suspicion and/or resentfulness of a person’s advantages, Manipulation: unscrupulous exploitation of others, as well as Anorexia: a psychological disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight, Bulimia: an emotional disorder in which bouts of extreme overeating are followed by depression and self-induced vomiting, purging or fasting, Alcoholism: an addiction to the consumption of alcohol, Drug Addictions: including cocaine, heroine, amphetamines, LSD, mushrooms, and more, Abuse: sexual, physical and emotional to name but a few.

I was intrigued by the many varied difficulties we are faced with as humans and how different people deal with life’s difficulties. There are times in our lives when we may feel as though our world is falling apart, collapsing around us and perhaps taking us with it. We feel we have no where to turn, nobody to talk to and thus often feel very alone. We can all go through periods of instability, confusion, stress and maybe trauma. These periods of transition can bring with them troubling thoughts, intense emotions and experiences that concern us. The way we perceive, think, feel about life often depends on our earlier conditions, that is, what we were taught, told, shown as children plays a great part in how we orchestrate our lives today. No matter what we may believe on a conscious, logical level our inner beliefs, emotions, conditions often play a greater role and at times we are not sure why we feel the way we do, nor why we are doing the things that we do.

I have a great passion in the depth of our true potential. In the times we are living I believe we are facing a meaning crisis where we are searching for purpose, direction, clarity, transformation and our true potential. Masked with our conditioned personality structures we are often living lives based on the past and thus illusionary, loosening the grip of these masks allows freedom, liberation, joy and often celebration of the depth of who we are and what we are capable of. Growing up and waking up seems essential in the times we are living.

I offer Integrative transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling from Harley Street, Paddington/Maida Vale Central London, Newcastle and Skype for Individuals, Couples and Groups.

To arrange an appointment or if you require further information please contact me on 07961 963610 or to send me an e-mail Click Here.

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